Yarraville gets ancient & Modern

It’s not often you see a new business owner smiling just three weeks into turning their dreams into a reality. However, Nick Seymour is an exception.

Nick is the founder of Ancient & Modern, a brand new online business shipping furniture with soul to the world from Melbourne.

The business idea began when Nick decided there was a better way to sell furniture.

“At the end of 2015 I found myself working as a furniture buyer for national retailers and travelling overseas to negotiate with large factories.

It was then I realised I wanted to go back to where it started and supply furniture from the best people with quality processes”, he said.

And this is exactly what he’s done.

Although he’s busily building Ancient & Modern, Nick had enough time to squeeze is a few thoughts with us about his latest project.

6 seconds with Nick Seymour

I started this business because…it’s my passion and if it succeeds I won’t have to get a real job.

I like to focus on…everything at once.

The hardest thing about my industry is…making great quality affordable.

If you’re starting a new business, don’t forget to…turn off the stove when you leave the house.

A good piece of furniture…makes me smile

I’m looking forward to…seeing our new custom made tables that arrive next week.

Browse through Nick’s collection at ancientandmodern.com.au or follow

Ancient & Modern on Facebook for some delicious furniture ideas.

Meet the other creatives at kindredcoworking.com.au

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