Wooing over Lu

Have you seen this woman? In June 2016 we had illustrator and street artist Shawn Lu transform our Atrium wall with his incredible hand drawn mural. The visual is inspired by Gustave Dore, Moebius and Bernie Wrightson and is incredibly detailed with minimal colours, only taking Shawn two days to complete.

Shawn is an incredible artist to watch. No matter the scale, all his work is made with pen and in on paper the adjusted to suit the scale of desired colours..

Our tenants Jorge and Jesse from Artificial Studios captured the process is this time lapse (tag Artificial Studios FB page with the link to vid). Have a watch or pop by and admire Shawn’s work over lunch or coffee.

Website – http://shamuslu.com/

Artificial Studios facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/artificialstudiospage/?fref=ts

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