Meet the Tenants: Taliana Design

If you’ve visited Kindred’s new coworking site you will have witnessed the work of Lisa Taliana from Taliana Design.

Lisa specialises in multidisciplinary design. Everything from web design, web development, email marketing and graphic design. She likes to call herself the whole package and from what we’ve seen, this is definitely the way to describe her.
We recently sat down with Lisa to talk all things design and got excited about what’s in store for her business.

Why did you start this business?

I love designing. I get to provide design solutions for clients, which in turn makes their business a success. That’s a pretty great feeling.

As a designer, what’s your key focus?

Keeping to a routine and learning new things that could benefit my business and my clients. It’s important to do creative exercises every day to keep stimulated.

What’s the biggest issue affecting the design industry right now?

Changing technology. As a designer you are constantly trying to improve and provide your best work or a design solution. If you are still, you run the risk of falling behind or your work becoming stale.

How does working in a creative space benefit Taliana Design?

You’re surrounded by like minded people. Working at Kindred provides a professional face for my business, making clients feel welcome. There is music, a cafe, bands practising in the background. It’s such a positive environment and I don’t feel like I’m coming to “work”.

What are you working on next?
Redesigning our website. Although I launched a new website this year, I’m already thinking about the next one. I never switch off!

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