Kindred Gets Persian

We’re incredibly excited to welcome Sanaz Fotouhi and the Persian International Film Festival to Kindred.

Sanaz is the Co – Founder and Marketing Manager of the festival. When she’s not working on the PFF she is a film maker, writer and scholar. She co-produced Love Marriage in Kabul which was shortlisted for a Wakely in 2014 and her latest book is set to be published with Transit Lounge next year.

Now in its fifth year, the PFF is an inspiring celebration of persian art running throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra from the 22nd September, so Sanaz is busily preparing.

Although she says we can “expect to laugh, cry, and be shocked with amazing human stories”, we wanted to know exactly what to expect from the festival and what Sanaz is chipping away at in our coworking space.

We threw a few questions her way to find out exactly this.

What inspired you to start the PFF with Amin Palangi?

We started PFF because we felt like there was a gap in the market for Australian audiences across the board to access cinema from that part of the world.  This was specially highlighted in the year that we started the festival when Asghar Farhadi won at Cannes for his film A Separation.  We realised there was a lot of demand and a lot of interest and a huge gap, so we established the festival to fill in the gaps.

What is different about films made by persians, for persians or in Persia?We call the festival Persian Film Festival because we want to make it inclusive of the Persian speaking communities, which means Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikestan as well as those from its diaspora.  As for audiences, I think in case of Iran, for example – which has the biggest film industry of the countries mentioned – there is a definite difference between films catered for domestic audiences and international audiences.  The films attracting domestic audiences usually deal with more local issues and are very culturally specific and hard to translate.  The films that receive good reception overseas are usually the ones, like A Separation, The Salesman, and others, that address more universal issues in the context of Iran.

Why do you feel connected to Kindred Studios?

I think its an amazing space which nurtures and provides space for creatives like myself to develop.  What I find amazing is the wonderful and diverse people that I meet every time I am in my workspace. It provides a wonderful community and also opens up new opportunities for connecting with cool people.

I’m looking forward to…

Making this year’s festival an amazing one in Melbourne!

I like to focus on…

Continuing to be a creative person and contributing in any way I can to the arts and culture sector.

If you want to make it in the film industry, you should…

Develop a thick skin, dust yourself off, hold your head high and keep going until you reach your goal.

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