Backpackers start co-working

Matthew Heyes is the latest person to join Kindred Co-working with his exciting online business.

In 2008 Matt set up The Backpacker Job Board so he could be his own boss and travel and work wherever he wanted. The Job Board helps backpackers find work to fund their travels around Australia by promoting job vacancies which offer a unique experience to backpackers.

Now a young dad and local west-sider, Matt’s helping young travellers make their work as flexible as it’s always been for him.

What’s your favourite thing about The Backpacker Job Board?

Reading testimonials from travellers and employers who have had great experiences through our website. The site helps connect people who are from different countries and often very different cultures.

What’s next on your to – do list?

I’m hoping to achieve some new targets in traffic stats for the site this year.

What are you looking forward to?

Spending some time on a redesign and exploring new UI/UX techniques to improve the site.

What’s your advice for people wishing to start an online business?

Focus your time in the areas where your skills are strongest and work when and where you are most productive.

And finally, why do like working at Kindred?

The co-working space is a great balance of meeting interesting people, sharing skills and being productive. Friday beers are pretty good too!

Read more about Matt’s business at or come and work alongside of him.

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